UP Series dynamic injection molding machine is the brand new dynamic universal injection molding machine formally promoted by Guangzhou UNIQUE. The product adopts the advanced technologies:

+ 5-position inclined hinge mold clamping mechanism

+ Dual-cylinder quick injection

+ Dynamic linear guideway

+ Hydraulic valve device and servopump control system.

+ Advanced computer control part

+ Especially, the advanced dynamic injection molding technology 

ADVANTAGE OF DYNAMIC INJECTION MOLDING - Quality Processing and Molding Technology

- Concept: the traditional “stable” injection molding is changed into the periodical pulse applied for whole process of plasticizing injection.

- 5-level pulse, adjusted independently.

- Dropping the viscosity and elasticity of raw materials, the flowing resistance.

- Accelerating the injection process with even filling, even distribution of temperature in the mold chamber,.

- Reducing the internal stress, greatly reducing the residual internal stress in the product & effectively improving the mechanical property of the product.


UP Series dynamic injection molding machine boasts wide application, and is particularly suitable for the plastic parts in the industries such as thin-wall container, automobile, optics, medical, and home appliance, electronics and building etc.

MOLD CLAMPING PART —— Stable Mold Locking Force

• It is designed with 5-position inclined hinge, the box type template design is strengthened with 5-position inclined mold clamping mechanism;

• The differential type quick mold clamping, high performance alloy steel pull bar, the system features high rigidity and uniform stress;

• The dynamic template guiderail adopts linear guideway with low friction factor and long service life.

INJECTION PART —— Quick, High Pressure and Precise Injection Molding
• The length-diameter ratio of screw stem reaches 22:1, which is capable of driving the oil motor with high torque force & improving the plasticizing quality;
• The linear motion guiderail can avoid blanking and injection displacement with high repeat precision, the blanking backpressure is sensitive with precise measurement and wide adjustable range;
• Quick injection with dual cylinders, dual injection platform moveable cylinder, the nozzle is closer to the mold gate with uniform stress for avoiding leakage;
• The transducer which features good reproducibility features precise and multi-level control in speed and pressure;
• PID temperature control system which is very sensitive to temperature change can precisely and stably finish the molding process;
• The resin type, the wear resistant, corrosion resistance, high mixing screw stem (optional) is available.

HYDRAULIC PART——Powerful and Effective Power
• Servopump: the built-in closed-loop mode servopump is controlled with the feedback from the servomotor, and features good reproducibility and response, thus achieving precise control with excellent energy saving effect. The energy saving effect is about 60%.
• The servo control pump system: since it is capable of precisely controlling the revolution of the ACservomotor, compared with the common pump which adopts inductive motor, it can effectively save energy, reduce the noise and prevent the rise of oil temperature.

COMPUTER CONTROL PART——Link With Industry 4.0
• Adopting Austria KEBA KePlasti5000 computer control system with12” touch screen and button board. The task scan cycle is 200us, software development based on IEC61131-3standard, the KemroStedio software tool is improved.
• Remote control and remote dual display at real-time .
• Multilingual display and operation.
• Capable to control all data produced by the injection molding machine by central controller, connect 200 machines and save corresponding data in Excel file, which is more convenient for management.
• Mold clamping, injection blanking and ejection positions are controlled with transducer during the whole process.

Capable to controll the high precision injection stroke, monitor the automatic injection, and setting the 4-section injection pressure, speed, position control , 2-stage blanking pressure and speed.

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