Possessing the experienced R & D team, the company is capable of designing and manufacturing 2-cavity to 144-cavity mold, and optimizing the bottle preform design according to the requirement of client on bottle shape, client's machine, and manufacturing and repairing the imported cold mold, hot mold and main parts for client.


- Jar Preform of Unique machine

- Edible oil for Unique machine

- Water preform for KraussMaffer machine

-CSD for Husky machine

Features of Mold

  • Structure of forming cavity: the mold lip adopts double cone mold locking, mold locking is reliable and durable with small overslap.
  • Best cooling water channel design, adopt the connection water channel in parrellel, good mold cooling effect, effectively shorten the injection molding cycle.
  • The hot runner system adopts Germany technology with absolutely balanced hot runner design, the standard parts are imported from Germany and USA, standard gap and fine gap are available, the parts features high interchangeability and compatibility with the professional standard, ensure low AA value of the product.

Quality Materials

  • The main componients of the mold adopt imported S136 material (for example: Sweden ASSAB).
  • The mold adopts Germany 2085 quality stainless steel to improve the corrosion resistance and prolong the service  life of mold.
  • The runner plate adopts Sweden ASSAB quality heat resistant steel with excellent heat stability and low deformation.
  • The thermal treatment of parts adopts imported vacuum furnace, the hardness of parts ranges HRC 48 degree to 52 degree.

High Precision Equipment

  • Swiss Studer CNC universal internal and external grinding machine, Swiss GF AgieCharmilles CNC precision electric discharge machine, Japanese Okamoto precision surface grinding machine, Mori Seiki vertical high speed machining center, Japanese Mazak precision vertical machining center, Japanese Mazak and Japanese Okuma precison CNC machine tool, advanced processing equipment, which ensure the high processing precision of parts, provide excellent interchangeability, good matching precision and greatly prolong the service life of mold

Mold cavities

Cavity Distribution2x44x64x84x84x8
Mold Pitch60x14060x12060x12060x15275x172
Neck Finish3830303846
Machine ModelUPET130UPET130UPET130UPET230UPET300
Mold Height5207508508601000
Mold Width300490490610700
Mold Thickness (Max)500600600680820
Weight (kg)8002000250030003500

Mold cavities

Cavity Distribution4x124x124x126 x126x126x12
Mold Pitch50x14060x15274x17550x14060x14065x160
Neck Finish303846303843
Machine ModelUPET230UPET300UPET400UPET300UPET300UPET400
Mold Height98010801300112011201250
Mold Width6006107009008401000
Mold Thickness (Max)680820658820820658
Weight (kg)320035004500450045006000

Mold cavities

Cavity Distribution6x168x126x128x168x18
Mold Pitch50x14060x14060x15260x14050x140
Neck Finish3038383030
Machine ModelUPET400UPET400UPET500UPET500UPET500
Mold Height12301250147014201420
Mold Width960111096012501250
Mold Thickness (Max)658658920920920
Weight (kg)70006000600090009000